The Master's Thesis (TFM) represents 22 of the total 60 credits that must be overcome to get the title, and is a fundamental part of the master. To achieve the TFM, the student will carry out an original research work on some of the issues associated with research areas of the Master. In this web page you can find more detailed information about the important issues that students have to know in order to have accomplishment of TFM such as the type of research work to be done, the subject, its scheduling, the dates for the defence, and so on. Also you have access to the information of TFMs successfully defended in previous years

Regulations related Master's Thesis

They regulate the most important aspects of the definition, registration, implementation, and evaluation of the dissertations of TFMs. Currently there are two important documents that instruct the guidelines to do the TFM.

Selection of a research line and supervisor

Students must select a supervisor(s) of this work at the beginning of the course, in one of these research lines:

  • Software development and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Graphics
  • Integration of Information
  • Concurrent Systems
  • Dialogue Systems Based on Multimodal Speech Processing

Topics of work for the Master's Thesis can be found at the following links:

  1. Research groups. It includes presentations of the opening day of October 20, 2014.


After agreeing the realization of a TFM with a supervisor, the student must register its work by sending the fully registration form to the master’s coordinator. The registration form can be obtained here:

TFM work must be registered before December 15 in order to start works as soon as possible. Otherwise contact the Coordinator. Any change from the Master's Thesis in terms of subject and supervisor should contact the Coordinator.


The TFM work is done mainly through interviews between the student and supervisor tutor and the work done by the student individually. Students will develop an original research work whose results will be written in a memory. The works can be focused on a literature review, proposal, development and / or testing of new concepts or solutions, improvement or extension of known techniques, etc ...


Students must expose its TFM work at an Evaluation Commission composed by three members (president, secretary, vocal). They have two possible calls for the defence of such works in July or in September.

Presentation and Defence

Students must notify the intention to make the presentation and defence of a TFM after talking with their supervisors and before the deadline indicated by the Academic Committee of the Master. Supervisors are responsible for notifying the coordinator of the master the reading and defence of the Master's Thesis for which they:

  1. Specify the date chosen for the defence between the dates set by the Academic Committee of the Master, in order to organize and publicize the celebration of this event with enough time.
  2. Deliver the memory to each member of the evaluation committee and a pdf copy to the coordinator for the corresponding registration.
  3. Complete a report by the responsible supervisor of the work using the model format Word, OpenOffice or PDF.

In defense of the Master's Thesis students will do an oral presentation of the objectives, methodology, content and conclusions of the work performed individually in. Then the student will answer questions and clarifications raised by members of the Evaluation Commission.

Documentation required

Although the format of the Master's Thesis regarding the content of the memory is free, the format of the front / back cover is fixed and has to follow a model according to the following template:

It must also be submitted a summary of the memory for registration in html format. On the following link you can download a file with an HTML document that you must complete and send to the coordination including a significant graphic file or resource of the work.

If there is more than one file they are grouped in a rar or zip compressed file.

Calendar Master's Thesis (Course 2014-2015) (in Spanish)

Eventos Fechas
Presentación de Propuestas de TFM y Lineas de Trabajo Del 20 de octubre al 29 de noviembre
Selección y Registro de TFM Del 29 de octubre al 8 de diciembre
Convocatoria de Diciembre-Febrero
Notificación de presentación de TFM a la Escuela de Posgrado Del 4 al 29 de noviembre
Defensa de TFM Del 2 de diciembre al 27 de febrero
Convocatoria de Julio
Notificación de presentación de TFM al Máster 3 de julio
Entrega de documentación 10 de julio
Defensa de TFM 15, 16 y 17 de julio
Defensa de TFM para MH 20 de julio (10.00h am)
Convocatoria de Septiembre
Notificación de presentación de TFM al Máster 4 de septiembre
Entrega de documentación 11 de septiembre
Defensa de TFM 16, 17 y 18 de septiembre
Defensa de TFM para MH 21 de septiembre (10.00h am)

Ended TFMS

In the following list, the TFMs completed (and successfully defended) are organized by academic courses (in Spanish):

TFMs in preparation

In the following list, the expected TFMs to be presented soon:

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