Double Master’s Degree with IBS (France)

Provisional resolution for Course 2019/2020

The provisional resolution is available here

Call for Course 2019/2020

The call is available here

The application form is available here

Deadline for submission of applications: from 11 to 30, November, 2019.

Places to deliver documentation: any register point of the university open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For example:

“Registro” of Faculty of Business and Economics (first floor in Secretaria)

“Registro” of Escuela de Posgrado (Avenida de Madrid, 13, 18071 Granada)


1) Enroll as a student of the Master in Economics.

2) Submit to the call before November 30, 2019. You must provide cv, certifications of languages, diploma , transcripts of marks.

3) Selection is based on marks, language level in English and language of the country.

4) Language requirement: credential of B1 in English. B1 in French language is also recommended. For correspondence see

General information

Students will obtain an official Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Granada and an official Grade Master at IBS Business School (France):

- The double degree programme in Management (2MEIM) will be offered as a full-time study programme of 120 ECTS credits.

- The nominal length of study is 2 years [or 4 semesters]. Selected students from UGR will study a first academic year at UGR (MEIM) and the second academic year at IBS or in Paris or in Bordeaux (France).

- The language of the double degree programme is English at both institutions.

- The Double Master’s is proposed only for 12 students (6 from UGR and 6 from IBS).

More information