Frequently Asked Questions


1) What's an official master?

The Master in Economics (MEIM) is an official Master. An official Master is a new official advanced training to achieve an academic or professional degree, and/or to begin research and access to a PhD. All of them are under public prices regulations and are adapted to EHEA procedures and valid in all EHEA countries.

2) Are there different types of official masters?

There are official masters with different orientations. An official master can have different orientations depending on the training objectives pursued, research orientation, professionalizing guidance, academic guidance, etc. The MEIM is a research Master which allow students to pursue a PhD.

3)Which are the main guidelines for an official master?

According to the educational objectives, an official master can have three types of guidelines: -Professional: oriented training for professional practice. -Research-oriented: For students pursuing a PhD. Degree. -Scholar: aimed at developing advanced training. -Mixed: achieving more than one direction in a single master.

4) How is the structure of official Masters?

The official master ECTS credits are structured to integrate different types of educational activities: theory, practice and other activities.

5) What's the duration of official Masters?

An official Master may have a minimum of 60 credits and a maximum of 120 ECTS, equivalent to one or two academic years, respectively. A student with full-time during an academic year takes 60 credits.

6) What is ECTS?

Credit ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is the unit used to account for all activities undertaken by the student in the training process: • hours of classroom theory and practice. • study hours • seminars, jobs, internships and projects • preparation for exams or other assessment tests Each ECTS credit equals 25-30 hours.


1) Why studying the ME program at the University of Granada?

- MEIM is a stand-alone master’s program in one of the top Schools of Business and Economics in Europe. It is “stand-alone” as it is separate from the PhD program. However, a direct access to the PhD. Program in Economics and Business is available for MEIM students once they finish their MEIM. This type of degree serves the professional needs for professional economists, public institutions oficials and business consultants.

- It is also a highly valued degree by employers leading to different career opportunities for our graduates. Our MEIM graduates have been admitted in different firms, universities and research institutions all over Europe (U.K., France, Greece, among others).

- This Master gives the opportunity to the top 5 students to enroll into the Double Master Program in Economics and International Management UGR-SRH Hochschule Berlin

- Our Faculty holds a remarkable reputation within Europe and Worldwide research institutions. The three most dynamic departments of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods configure the MEIM structure. These departments are formed by a world-renowned faculty and a high quality curriculum with researchers from the U.S. Federal Reserve and most acknowledged scientific associations and societies.

- UGR library gives open access to practically all sceintific journals and printed volumes worldwide.

- Granada is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Its european and arabic heritage turns it into a dream city. Granada is a Univer-city. It is impossible to separate one from the other. Granada has a population of about 300.000 inhabitants being almost 1/3 UGR students. It's not an expensive city and the climate is cold in winter due to its closeness to Sierra Nevada and hot in summer (the Mediterranean sea is 40 miles away). The UGR is one of the most prestigiuos universities in Europe and leads plenty of educational programs all over the world.

2) What are the professional careers for graduates of the MEIM program?

Consulting, Research and professional careers on Economics, Management and Econometrics configure the scope of Master graduated students. MEIM graduated International students often start professional careers at a international level.

3) Am I qualified for admission?

Admission to the MEIM program is limited to students of outstanding promise. This program is increasingly competitive according to its analytical rigor. First and foremost, we aim to admit students with excellent training in management, economics and quantitative methods at undergraduate level.

The language of instruction for the Master in Economics (MEIM) is English. English language fluency is required with a level of at least a First Certificate in English (FCE), TOEFL iBT (82), PBT (575) or IELTS (6). Exceptions to this rule include students who obtained a degree from English-speaking college-level institutions and students from English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, US or Australia.

4) How can I preregister for admission and which documentation do I need?

Pre-registration must be made via the internet, through the on line application that the Junta de Andalucía enables in this link: http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/innovacioncienciayempresa/sguit/paginas/distrito/mapa_masteres/. Then choose Granada as option and then Master code 408200. Preregistration does not guarantee admission.

Regarding documentation for pre-registration of the master, this information should be consulted on the website of District One Andalusian Junta de Andalucia, for each call. However, you usually need:

National Identity Card (DNI), Foreign Identification Number (EIN), or alternatively, the Passport. Electronic document certified by the official transcript certifying the marks obtained in the subjects required for obtaining the degree which enables you to access, including, where appropriate, project or final-year project. Electronic document with the degree obtained or proof of having paid the fees of issuance (this is just for final registration). Be valued documents accompanying the application, such as curriculum vitae or certificates of languages. Likewise if a document was in a foreign language shall also be provided legally translated into Spanish.

5) What is the deadline for pre registering?

MOST IMPORTANT DATES REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR OFFICIAL MASTERS There are three phases (exact deadlines can be consulted at http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/economiainnovacionyciencia/sguit

PHASE 1. (Only for foreign students) Dates are approx. (Consult the previous link for exact dates) Deadline for submission of applications February/ March Process evaluation of applications March Publication of the first list of accepted students. March

March First payment to reserve a place

March Publication of the second list of accepted students. April

April Second term of payment or to reserve a place

April Publication of the third list of accepted students

May Claims review period

May Third and final installment payment on account

SECOND PHASE. Deadline for submission of applications July Process evaluation of applications September Publication of the first list of acepted students September Claims review period

September First registration period or reserve a place

September Publication of the second and final list of accepted students

September Claims review period

September Second and final term of enrollment


THIRD PHASE. Deadline for submission of applications September/October Process evaluation of applications October Publication of the first list of accepted students October Claims review period

MidOctober Deadline for registration or reservation fee

MidOctober Publication of the second and final list of accepted students

MidOctober Claims review period

Mid October Second and final term of enrollment

Once the pre-registration through the electronic application prepared by the Junta de Andalucía is done and ended the term, the admitted lists will be issued and will be available at the Junta de Andalucía link.

The registration will take place online on the website of the Postgraduate School or physically on the premises of the Postgraduate School (C / Real de Cartuja, 36-38, Granada).

6) How about Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and GMAT?

Applicants that have taken the GRE or GMAT with outstanding scores will increase their possibilities of admission.

7) How long is the MEIM Program?

The MEIM degree takes a minimum of three trimesters full-time plus the dissertation viva.

8) How much does MEIM cost?

MEIM is funded under the Spanish public prices policy. Please visit http://gerencia.ugr.es/pages/descargas for detailed information on public prices (precios públicos in Spanish). In the 2018/19 academic course, tuition was around 800 Euros. ME requires 60 ECTS credits for completion. A health insurance for foreign students is recommended. You also have to take into account your living expenses and cost of material. Therw are some online resources for international students at http://internacional.ugr.es/ and http://ve.ugr.es

9) Is it possible to apply for financial aid?

Some financial aid is available from the UGR at http://ve.ugr.es/pages/becas/index

10) How many students are admitted to the program?

ME has an increasing number of students in every academic year. For 2013/2014, 25 students were admitted over more than 250 applications.

11) Where are MEIM students from?

70 per cents of MEIM students are non Spanish students. There are students from Greece, Morocco, Syria, France, US, Albania, China, Vietnam, UK, Palestine, Sweden, South Africa, Tajikistan, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Kyrzygistan, Germany, etc.

12) What kind of undergraduate education do I need in order to apply?

The equivalent to a university 4 yrs degree ('Licenciatura' or 'Grado') is required in order to apply. Applicats with a Master's degree need also to prove the university 4 yrs. degree. This rule does not apply for EU applicants with 3 yrs. university degree under the Bolonia agreement. A Board of admissions will evaluate every document for certification of the university degree prior to admission.

13) How aboout transfer students?

Students from other graduate schools must apply as new students.

14) I have problems with my VISA or other required documents, Can I enter the program in the second/third trimester?

No, once admissions are closed, students unattending first trimester courses will not be allowed to continue ME in that year. In fact they will have to apply again for next year.

15) How about Internships?

There are a number of local firms for students’ internships which are managed by the School of Business and Economics.

16) Who teaches the courses?

Courses are taught by full-time faculty. Some seminars are taught by invited professors or prefessionals. Some tutoring can be made by researchers.

17) I want to go for a PhD.

Once you finish your Me you can apply for the PhD. Program at the School of Business and Economics.