Testimonials for alumni

MEIM provides a stimulating multicultural environment for learning. Our students come, amongst other, from the following countries:



I think this master is very good and useful at both the scientific and practical for the future ,a lot of new information, the courses are very interesting and helpful, in brief words this master is high-level. (Karam Zaidy, Master Student – Syria)


The University of Granada is the modern Umbilicus of Education, permitting the creation of multidisciplinary pools of research from every part of the world, and thus promoting innovative experimentation, at an urban environment of great historical and cultural importance. (Katerina Tsakanika, Greece – Phd student)

LIn Kang

If I may say that I've learnt the economic phenomena in my undergraduate study, then, here, in the Granada University, the program of Master of Economics, I'm understanding why all these happened, how they happened, and what will occur in the next decades(have we?). Sometimes the simple words and humorous explanation made our class more attractive. I realized that those complicated seemed theorems can be understood easily. Economy changes our life. (Lin Kang, China – Master student)


Granada has been a great experience, the city, the university and the program. It’s a great place to study and the University staff is excellent. (Marcelo Basualdo, Phd Student – Argentina)


Studying in Granada it’s a great life experience. The faculty, the Master’s staff, and the city make you feel like home. Also what you receive from your teachers it’s exactly what you need to understand the economic phenomena and the role of the enterprises. (Marco Opazo Basaez, Chile – Master student)

María Luisa

The University of Granada is the best choice if you want to learn, understand and apply what you receive from your teachers. The faculty and the city are awesome, best place to learn and enjoy. (Maria Luisa Santiago Millan, Spain – Master student)


Joining the Economics PhD program at the University of Granada has been one of the best decisions I have made. The program strikes the right balance between theory and practice and the professors are knowledgeable, fun, and devoted. Moreover, living in Granada is an experience I’ll never forget. The vibrant student life, the rich history, and the nice weather make Granada one of the best college towns in Europe. (Mehdi Elharti, Phd student – Morocco)

Ming Qi

I chose Universidad de Granada because of its reputation and the opportunity to enhance my research abilities - something I am not sure to be done by myself. The School offers fantastic academic opportunities to get deeply involved in the research topic. Since joining, I have been able to participate in many seminars held by professors and scholars around the world. I managed to pave my way future at Universidad de Granada. (Ming QI, China – Phd student)


As an student of this program, I feel I have had the opportunity to develop and improve my work as a beginner researcher. However, this program will give you much more than an educational background. The intercultural environment surrounding made me grow personally. (Nuria Rodríguez, Spain - PhD. student)


“The knowledge I gained in this master is priceless. New people, new frontiers, new experiences. Just try it. UGR a place to be”. (Despoina Parasyri, Greece – Phd student)


Granada is a perfect place for you; many students from all over the world come to study at the UGR every year. Thanks to this program I met many students from different countries and excellent professional stuff of professors. (Ruslan Djundubaev, Master student - Kirgizstan)


I enjoy being a student of this multinational program. I meet new people from all over the word. This Master program opened new horizon to me and now I see things in another perspective. (Suheal Al-nouneh, Master student – Jordan)


Compartir clase con gente de diferentes países y continentes es enormemente enriquecedor y nos permite tener una perspectiva más global y equilibrada del mundo en que vivimos. Lo que para nuestra formación académica y personal es un importante valor añadido. (Carlos Galera Zarco, Master Student – Spain).


Decidí adscribirme a este Máster debido a sus profundas bases económicas, empíricas y matemáticas especialmente en la rama bancaria que ha sido mi elección de interés desde un principio. (David Leiva, Master Student – Spain)


Un máster de economía es una gran oportunidad para estudiantes de ciencias sociales provenientes de otras ramas que quieran diversificar sus conocimientos. La economía es un buen complemento para muchas otras carreras. Por otro lado, el hecho de que sea impartido en inglés supone una clara ventaja para enfocar nuestra carrera profesional al ámbito internacional. (Federico Rodriguez, Master Student – Spain)