Administrative procedures for External Internships (STUDENTS)

Administrative procedures for External Internships (STUDENTS)


a. Company registers (or has already registered) as company “Empresas” in platform Icaro.

b. Student registers (or has already registered) as applicants “Demandante” in platform Icaro (see tutorial here in English - Here in Spanish).

Student agrees with the company the approximated date of beginning (IMPORTANT: If the student is not yet registered in the External Internship course, the internship cannot officially begin before they submit the alteration form).

Send an email (in Spanish if the company does not speak English) to Academic tutor ( with copy to the Company’s tutor indicating:

I, [SURNAME NAME IDENTIFICATION NUMER USED IN THE ENROLMENT] agree to do the internship [NAME OF THE OFFER], starting on [BEGINNING DATE] to perform the following tasks [TASKS INDICATED IN THE OFFER].

c. The company publishes a nominative offer indicating: surname and name of the student, identity number used to enrol the master + approximated date of beginning

d. The internship office informs the student by email indicating the deadline to register through the platform in the curricular offer.

e. If the company has no agreement with the university yet, the internship office will send to the company an agreement to be signed (10-15 days).

f. The internship office will inform the student and the company when everything is ready. Student should then ACCEPT THE INTERNSHIP and could start. (Aceptación de la Práctica Curricular e incorporación a la empresa).

g. End of the internship:

1. Tutor from the company, Academic tutor (Juliette Milgram) and Student receive a report to be filled in through platform Icaro (Informe de Valoración) .

2. Students also have to provide a report (Tasks through Prado), following the template available below no more than 15 days following the end of the intenships.

3. The academic committee will assign a mark based on the reports of the tutor from the company and academic tutor, and the report provided by the student.

Template for student's report of external internships here