Structure and Organization

This programme provides students with advanced professional training in analytical and research skills to achieve excellence in Economics, and International Management. 2MEIM includes as main contents, Economics, innovation management to incorporate technological foresight, commercialization and the protection of intellectual property in decision-making processes. Estimating and evaluating corporate risk, risk management in value creation and finance, and continental-European law and company law are as well integral parts of the 2MEIM degree.

The language of the double degree programme is English at both institutions. The courses and seminars will be carried out in English, which does not exclude the possibility of having some seminars in Spanish at UGR and German at SRH in order to foster the learning of these languages for the students under a non-compulsory policy. Examinations will be conducted in English. The degree’s dissertation must be submitted in English. To the extent that it is possible, the cooperating universities will give the double degree programme students the opportunity to attend introductory courses in the national language and culture.

Student mobility is an essential and integrated part of the Programme. Students from UGR are expected to study 2 semesters at SRH Berlin ; SRH students are expected to study 2 trimesters at UGR. The maximum amount of ECTS credits which may be obtained at one cooperating university as part of the pogramme is 60 credits at SRH and 60 credits at UGR.