Company Internships

External academic internships constitute a formative activity carried out by students and supervised by universities to enable the application and complementation of the knowledge acquired during the academic training, allowing the acquisition of skills that prepare students for professional activities, facilitate their access to employment and foster their entrepreneurial capacity. The internships may be performed at the own University or in collaborating entities, such as companies, institutions and public and private entities, either national or international.

These external internships can be converted into a maximum of 13,5 ECTS. These internships will be qraded as specified below and the paperwork is similar to that of professional experience and credit recognition.

They will be supervised by an advisor from the collaborating company and an academic advisor, who will be in charge of the suitable development of the internship. This advisor must have a suitable professional experience and the company must fit in the regulations of the UGR for this type of internships. The activities carried out during the intership period must be related to the matter of Project Management of this master.

The company internship can be carried out whitin one of these modalities: 1) internships offered by the ETSIIT, and 2) through agreements of UGR with companies. Details below.

Curricular Internship Positions offered by ETSIIT for Official Master

The list of companies offered by the ETSIIT and the procedure for Curricular Internships in their Official Masters are as follows:

Agreements with Companies

In addition to the offer summarized in the previous section, it is also possible to develop company internships among the CPEP offer of the UGR. The University of Granada has signed numerous agreements with companies to carry out business internships through the Centre for Employment Promotion and Internship of the University of Granada. All the information about the internships offered at ETSIIT for its Official Masters in Companies that collaborate with the University of Granada is available in CPEP.

Students who wish to do an internship can apply through the management portal ÍCARO.

Evaluation of the Practices

Once finished, company internships will be evaluated, according to the regulations of the UGR and the master's verifica document, by the academic advisor based on the following scale:

Evidence Percentage
Academic advisor’s report (UGR) 40%
Company advisor’s report (UGR) 40%
Evaluation of the internship report 20%

Evaluation Forms