According to Order CIN/355/2009, which establishes the procedure for accessing this master, the following access modalities are foreseen:

  • To access the Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering is necessary to have the competences specified in section 3 Order CIN/352/2009, 9 February (B.O.E. 20 February 2009), which establishes the requirements for develop the profession of Technical Telecommunication Engineer, as well as the training established in section 5 of the aforementioned Ministerial Order.
  • The access to the Master is also allowed when the degree of the interested person certifies that he/she has completed the basic training module and the common module to the knowledge branch, even though it does not cover a complete block of the specific technology module but 48 credits from those offered in all the blocks of said module of a degree that enables the exercise of Technical Telecommunication Engineer, in accordance with the aforementioned Ministerial Order.
  • Likewise, those who are in possesion of any other degree are also able to access this Master degree, although in this case some previous necessary training complements might be considered.