Acceso y admisión

Entry requirements / Eligibility criteria

Below are the minimum requirements to be eligible for COSI programme. Please note that additional eligibility requirements apply for applicants to be considered for an Erasmus+ Join Master scholarship, notably ineligibility of applicants who have already benefited from an Erasmus Mundus Master Course scholarship or who have applied to more than 3 Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree.

Administrative process

  Compliance with the application process calendar and deadlines;
  Authenticity, completeness, certification (scan of original document or certified translation), translation (English version only) of application files.

Academic prerequisites

According to the COSI program, all applicants must document the following in order for their applications to be considered for admission:

  A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the topic of computer science, optics, physics, mathematics, signal processing, electronics, cognitive psychology, or other relevant adequate education.
  Applicants must have completed at least 5 ECTS University level course on any programming language –other courses completed outside the University may be considered on an individual basis-, and at least 5 ECTS in mathematics.
  Applicants should preferably have a course on image processing, imaging, color science, photonics, vision, computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, or justify of an experience in related fields.
  Knowledge of English, i.e. the candidates must document their knowledge by one of the means mentioned below:
      A TOEFL-test with a minimum score of 90 points
      An IELTS-test with a minimum score of band 6.5
      A Pearson’s language test with a score of at least 62 points
      A Cambridge Advance Language test
      Documentation that they meet the level B2 within the CEFR

Adequate financial resources

Applicants should be fully aware of the financial costs of the programme and cost of living in hosting countries. While our scholarship policy will allow most of the students to finance the entire studies period, self-funded students who were not awarded a scholarship grant will be required to submit a Guarantee of full financial support (annexed to the Learning Agreement and prior to enrollment).

This is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the entire period of studies. You’ll need to document your source/s of income to apply for a student visa. Please refer to budget simulation to assess your financial ability.

Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree scholarship holders are exempted of this requirement.

For information

No discrimination on the basis of nationality, gender, age, religion, health conditions;

Dedicated to achieving equity for women in science, the consortium supports women who face difficult circumstances or barriers to their full participation. More details on service available to women planning to enroll while having to care for children are available on Academic Services. Admission criteria

Applicants should be aware that joining COSI is an extremely competitive process, which takes time. Only the best applications will be selected. The ranking outcome will determine the award of Erasmus+ Mundus JMD scholarships and Consortium scholarships to the best applicants.

Method and criteria used to assess application are detailed in the selection process.