About COSI

stoprussianinvasionsmall (1) We have renewed the Erasmus+ excellence label and are a fresh European academic consortium in intelligent image processing, colour, spectral and digital imaging offering a Master Degree designed and operated by a unique world leading university-business cooperation of 4 European universities, and different Asian universities and industrial leaders across the globe.

Call for applicants 2022-2024 : from October 8th 2022 to January 10th 2023. Visit https://cosi-master.eu/apply/

COSI / COMPUTATIONAL COLOUR AND SPECTRAL IMAGING / is a two-year scientific Erasmus+ Joint Master’s Degree. The 2-year Master Programme (120 ECTS) aims to develop interdisciplinary trained experts in sectors encompassing intelligent image processing, colour, spectral and digital imaging in applied science and in applications development and analysis. The objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies, applied models and practical applications with 2 goals: enhance the employability and improve career prospects of graduates on one hand and meet the needs of industrials on the other hand.

The COSI applicants must hold a bachelor of science (or any nationally recognized first cycle degree equivalent to 180 ECTS), preferably in the fields of technology, engineering, computer science, physics or mathematics, with a fluent knowledge in spoken and written English. Courses are structured according to the ECTS with 120 credits acquired over four semesters of full-time study.

Mobilty: study in four different campuses (France, Spain, Norway and/or Finland). Download COSI Master curriculum at https://cosi-master.eu/curriculum-mobility/ .

Scholarships & Erasmus+ JMD grants: the JMD scholarship programme offers talented prospective students the unique opportunity to pursue a degree in COSI master programme and up to 45,000 Eur for the entire duration (24 months) of COSI programme (full details in https://cosi-master.eu/programme/scholarships/).

Awarded degrees: successful completion of the COSI Joint Master Degree will result in the award of multiple Master degrees (i.e. 4 national diplomas issued by 4 higher education institutions from 4 European countries and fully recognized in these respective countries).

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAMME (detailed description of the scholarships, the study programme, application procedures, required documents, available mobility routes, etc.) please visit: https://cosi-master.eu/.