About COSI

WE ARE a European academic consortium in colour science offering a Master Degree designed and operated by a unique world leading university-business cooperation of 4 European universities, 5 Asian universities and 15 industrial leaders across the globe.

COSI / COLOR IN SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY / is a two-year scientific Erasmus+ Joint Master’s Degree, aiming to train the next generation of highly-skilled industrial experts in applied colour science, in various cutting-edge industries (photonics, optics, spectral imaging, multimedia technologies, computer graphics and vision) in a diverse range of sectors (including multimedia, health care, cosmetic, automotive, food-processing) bridging a talent gap in the industry where colour experts are in high demand. The 2 area of focus are spectral technologies and applied colour imaging.

The COSI curriculum is intended for top level graduates in physics, optics, imaging science, computer science, mathematics or any discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color, with a fluent knowledge in spoken and written English. Courses are structured according to the ECTS with 120 credits acquired over four semesters of full-time study. 「CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR 2016-2018 intake will be opened in November 2015」cosilogo

Our consortium still offers CIMET / COLOUR IN INFORMATICS AND MEDIA TECHNOLGY / a two-year research Master’s Degree in fundamental color science, preparing students for doctoral research, engaging them to undertake cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research projects in photonics, computer vision & imaging science, computer science & multimedia technology and typically leading graduates to PhD and research careers in the academia or research institutes. 「CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR 2016-2018 intake will be opened in November 2015 logocimet