Why in Granada?

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UGR has a clear international vocation and run cutting-edge research. UGR is located in an enchanting and inexpensive city.

MEIM is totally taught in English by high-qualified faculty and has low tuition fees (1,900 euros)

Academic Reasons

MEIM is hosted by leading departments of Economics, Management and Econometrics in Southern Europe.

The Departments of Economics (Theory and History), Econometrics and Management at the UGR undertake high level academic activities:

  • Publications in leading journals
  • Development of research projects
  • Hosting visiting professors
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Publications of 2 research papers series

Why University of Granada (UGR)?

Economic Reasons

Tuition and enrolment fees are under a public pricing policy. Fees cover registration, teaching, examinations, basic coverage of health care (only for citizens from some countries), and the use of the library and other University facilities.

Living and transportation costs are moderate in Granada in comparison with most cities in Spain. For specific information about housing, please visit http://estudiantes.ugr.es/alojamiento2/#

Also note that….

Our program does not provide financial support. However, support is provided to top students to apply for fellowships in competitive openings.

Applicants from eligible countries can apply for financial support by the Instituto de Cooperación Ibero-Americano.

Other outside financial assistance is available from both public and private sources. Examples include the European Union (Erasmus Windows), the Spanish Ministry of Education, etc.

Also the University of Granada has its own program of fellowships. Students should be aware that possession of outside financial assistance is looked upon favourably for admission.