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Universidad de Granada

The Master’s Degree in Economics (MEIM) is a high quality postgraduate programme taught in English during 1 academic year (60 ECTS credits). Students may choose up to 13 subjects from among 31 optional courses, which allow students to design their own itineraries among different fields: Management, Macroeconomics, Applied Economics, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Economic History.

The international dimension of MEIM is a distinctive point of the programme. Our staff has a strong research commitment, publishing in high-quality journals; they are also involved in national and international Research Projects. Courses and seminars from researchers from leading institutions and managers are encouraged. Student mobility is also promoted in order to create a richer environment.

MEIM offers a Double Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management (UGR-SRH Berlin) with our partner SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany) in two years.

MEIM also offers the possibility of a bilingual Double Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Economics in two years which is fully compatible with UGR-SRH Berlin in collaboration with Máster en Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (UGR) [Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering] .

Graduates of the programme are employed in various industries, all over the world. The reported duration until job placement after programme graduation is quite short.

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