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The Master in Economics (Master de Economía) at the University of Granada (UGR-ME) (with specialization in Applied Economics, Experimental Economics and Business Management) is a new high quality Master Program intended to train and educate social scientists to undertake top research in Economics and Management.

UGR-ME is the perfect environment to develop potential skills for new graduated students. UGR-ME offers a broad selection of presential courses taught by professors from leading institutions. Additionally UGR-ME supports a wide variety of optative courses aimed to those students with major interests in specialization within its 60 ECTS credits of duration (1 academic year).

UGR-ME is offering a Double Degree Program with our partner SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany). Selected students will study a first academic year in at UGR (Spain) and the second academic year in SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany). These students will obtain an official Master degree in Economics at the University of Granada and an official Master degree in International Management at SRH Hochschule Berlin.

UGR-ME is hosted by the Departments of Economics (Theory and History), Business Management and Quantitative Methods (Econometrics) at School of Economics and Business Management (Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales) of the University of Granada. These departments have an strong research commitment: our staff is recognized by publishing in high quality (JCR) journals; they are also involved in national and international Research Projects, most of them involving international researchers who usually visit our institution leading to a remarkable number of weekly activities: Seminars, Summer Schools and Workshops. Also our institution hosts two series of Research and Working Papers Series: The Papers and PER. This Master started in the 2008/09 academic course.

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