Goals and Competences

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The Master in Economics is a high quality Master Program intended to train researchers, consulters and managers in Economics and Management within public organization and private firms with a solid knowledge of econometrics and statistical tools, economic environment and decision making.

Basic structure and itineraries

Students must perform 60 ECTS (1 academic year). Presence in classes is compulsory. Subjects are taught in English by professors with solid research experience from UGR. Additionally UGR-ME supports a wide variety of seminars with specialists from and other leading institutions. UGR-ME is the perfect environment to develop potential skills for new graduated students.

Students can specialize design their personal itinerary depending on their area of interests choosing up to 13 subjects among a wide variety of 31 subjects

Itineraries should be designed depending on your background and your objectives: Management, Macroeconomics, Applied Economics, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Economic History.

Some examples can be found here

General competences can be found here