Tuition Fees and Student Financial Responsability

  • All students admitted to the double degree programme will be subject to fees as follows:

1. Students will pay tuition fees only in their home university.

2. Students will be responsible for financing and organising:

a. Travel to and from the institutions they are attending during the length of the programme.

b. Books, stationery, etc.

c. Visas, etc.

d. Accommodation and living expenses.

e. Student Association/General Services Charges where appropriate.

f. Health and travel insurance for the duration of the study period at the host institution. Neither the host nor the home university will not be liable for travel, living, healthcare, insurance or other expenses incurred by the students.

g. Payment of the fees legally established for the issuing of the the degree certificate.

  • Notwithstanding the above, the partner universities will seek to obtain funds to assist in the financing of the mobility periods, especially under the Erasmus programme. Usually, an Erasmus fund is obtained for 9 months.
  • UGR students will pay during the second year the credits correspnding to the master thesis (TFM) at UGR.