Program Description for students from SRH

Students from SRH Hochschule Berlin will take the following courses:

Semester 1: at SRH Hochschule Berlin

Course / Module No. Name of Course/Module Credits
M1 International Contractual Management 5
M2 Risk Management in Value Creation 5
M3 Negotiation and Conflict Management 5
M4 Operations and Project Management 5
M5 Developing Managerial skills I: Case Studies 5
M6 Intercultural Management 5

Semester 2: at Universidad de Granada

Course / Module No. Name of Course/Module Credits
Cod. 8 Research Methods in Management 4 2nd quarter
Cod.37 Technological Innovation Management 4 2nd quarter
Cod.20 Evaluation of Public Policies 4 3rd quarter
Cod.15 Game Theory 4 2nd quarter
Cod.12 Growth and Development Economics 4 3rd quarter
Cod.10 Political Competition and Decision Making 4 3rd quarter
Cod.36 Information System Management 4 2nd quarter
Cod.26 Operations Management 4 2nd quarter
TFM Master Thesis 8 Will be written after the 2nd semester in July*

* Only necessary if students want to obtain the Spanish diploma.

Semester 3: INSEEC Business School Paris. To be announce at a later time.


Semester 3:SRH Berlin

Course / Module No. Name of Course/Module Credits
M13 Human Resource Management and Ethical Leadership in International Enterprises 5
M14 Legal Environment of International Business and Foreign Trade 5
M15 Risk Management in Financing 5
M16 Leadership and Global Strategic Management 5
M17 International Marketing Management 5
M18 Strategic Network Management 5

Semester 4: SRH Berlin (Mandatory for Students Aiming for the German Degree)

Course / Module No. Name of Course/Module Credits
M19 Master Seminar 5
M20 Master Internship 5
M20 Master Thesis 20

and 8 ECTS (Master Thesis, TFM) at UGR