Ventajas del máster en la UGR

Why study the MA in English Literature & Linguistics at Granada University?

REASON1: A professional MA that responds to the changing demands of the labour market.

There is an increasing domestic and international demand for educators at all levels in the different areas of English-related studies. For instance, in terms of both domestic and international demand, our MA emphasizes the training of educators in bilingual education, a job market that is currently on the rise. Our MA program is committed to the education and training of versatile professionals who are knowledgeable in the different skills required for a career not just in the fields of education, but also in other profiles that call for an advanced level in the use of English and its cultural background for specific purposes.

REASON 2: An MA programme with a module of bilingual education hands-on practice.

Our MA program emphasizes and encourages autonomous learning and other independent learning strategies that can empower our students to adapt to the changing demands of the labor market. The professional side of our MA program is reinforced by the module in bilingual education teaching practice. Students who take this modules end up with a significant amount of certified professional practice.

REASON 3: An MA programme that trains researchers and academics for a future career in higher education.

For those students who are planning a career in research and higher education, our MA program offers a series of seminars and courses that provide an excellent introduction to this field. The elaboration of an MA thesis gives students the opportunity to test and develop the research potential they have acquired with the seminars, and it may also lead to the elaboration of a PhD dissertation in our doctoral program.