Students applying for admission to the Master’s Degree must have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related disciplines. In all cases, the students must have obtained at least 40 ECTS credits in fields related with Psychology. If this requirement is not met on the basis that the credits are from unrelated courses, the students may be admitted to the programme but will be required to complete 40 additional ECTS credits.

The following are considered to be disciplines related with Psychology: Psychopedagogy, Criminology, Social Work, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Pedagogy, Labour Studies, Occupational Therapy and Social Education.

Holders of qualifications from educational systems not included in the European Higher Education Space may be admitted without official approval of their degrees if the University has confirmed that they can certify a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university qualification and the country issuing the qualification allows access to postgraduate studies. Access to the programme by this means does not in any case constitute official approval of the qualification prior to such approval being obtained by the interested party, nor its recognition for any purpose other than admission to the Master’s Degree.


The selection of the 45 new students under the master’s degree programme will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. Assessment of the qualification used to access the programme (60%)
  2. Other qualifications and merits duly certified and related to the master’s degree (20%)
  3. English proficiency (10%)
  4. Professional achievements (10%)

Procedure for adaptation of students from previous study programmes

The Academic Committee has established procedures for adaptation of students from previous study programmes, which differ depending on the following circumstances:

  • Students from the Doctorate Programme in Psychological Analysis of Social Problems (predecessor of the current master’s degree): the courses under both programmes with the same or similar titles are considered to be equivalents; if all the courses of the previous programme have been completed, the complete theoretical course content of the master’s degree will be deemed to have been completed.
  • Students from official master’s degree and other doctorate programmes: a detailed evaluation will be performed in each case, subsequently certifying either specific courses or credits.
  • Students with other types of studies: individual evaluation of each situation.