Charla Dr. Albuquerque "Enhancing and Diminishing Destination Memory"

Jue, 18/01/2024 - 14:02
Pedro Alburquerque

Charla Pedro B. Albuquerque, University of Minho

Fecha, hora y lugar: 25 de enero, Sala de Conferencias 1, CIMCYC, 13h.

Título: Enhancing and Diminishing Destination Memory: Where Should We Focus Our Attention?

Abstract: Hearing from someone else, “You already told me that joke before!” is embarrassing. To remember to whom we transmit certain information, we recur to destination memory, which is measured by the association between what is said (i.e., information transmitted) and to whom it is said (i.e., recipient of the information). Previous studies have observed that remembering to whom we transmit information is more difficult than remembering the person who transmitted the information (i.e., source memory), which has been explained based on attentional focus and resources. When transmitting information, the attentional focus is on the transmitter and the information itself, which results in fewer attentional resources being available for the association between the information and the recipient. This explanation has strengthened with several studies showing that an internal attentional focus, promoted by transmitting personal facts, results in a worse destination memory. In this talk, we will present the destination memory state-of-the-art and several studies that manipulated variables implicitly related to the attentional focus.