Seminar by Prof. B. Milliken "Pop-out Visual Search: Automatic, Controlled, and Automatic Control"

Mon, 10/24/2022 - 09:08
Picture of Milliken
Picture of Milliken

Pop-out Visual Search: Automatic, Controlled, and Automatic Control

Date, time and venue: October 25th, 13h, Sala de conferencias 2 - CIMCYC

Visual search is a widely used tool to study attention.  When a search target differs from distractors on the basis of a single feature, pop-out is said to occur; that is, search performance is insensitive to display size. Although pop-out search was long thought to be driven entirely by automatic perceptual processing, research over the past two decades has pointed to a range of other factors that influence pop-out search.  This talk will discuss these additional influences on pop-out search in relation to the classic distinction between automatic and controlled processes, and contemporary ideas about priority maps that guide visual search.