Teaching Staff

Tutorial attention to students during the state of health alarm by the COVID-19

During the extension of the state of health alarm and until the perinent authorities allow the return to face-to-face teaching, the tutorial attention of the teaching staff of the master's degree (listed below) to the students will be carried out through institutional e-mail and/or videoconference. The contact information can be obtained from the following list, from the academic guides of the master's degree courses or from the institutional directory of the UGR .

Faculty Profile

Lecturers from the Department of Experimental Psychology and the Department of Psychobiology participate in the programme.

Ten of the Master's lecturers are University Professors with at least 4 research periods, two lecturers are accredited as Professors. The rest of the lecturers are tenured professors or Ramón y Cajal postdoctoral lecturers/researchers, all of them highly qualified as researchers and/or teachers.

The Department's scientific productivity data are as follows:

  • Research periods: 71 (average: 2,44)
  • Teaching positions: 19
  • Autonomous community sections: 121

Finally, the lecturers and tutors who teach work experience credits have been doing so since the implementation of the practicum in the Psychology degree and have had and continue to have permanent contact with the centres associated with the work experience.


Teaching Cordination

  • *The coordination (vertical and horizontal) corresponds to the coordinator and the Academic Committee of the Master's Degree.
  • The current coordinator is José César Perales
  • The current Academic Committee is made up of:
  1. Carmen R. Sáez Zea (Lecturer)
  2. Antonio Bernal Benítez (Lecturer)
  3. José César Perales López (Professor)
  4. Pedro Macizo Soria (Professor)
  5. Daniel Sanabria Lucena (Professor)
  6. María Espinosa García (External Tutor)
  7. Ananda Zeas Sigüenza (Student Representative)

External Placement Tutors

  • Coordinator of External Internships: Carmen Rosa Saez Zea (csaez@ugr.es)
  • Angie Burgos Pulido
  • Raquel Carrillo de Albornoz Morales
  • María Espinosa García
  • Cristina Hidalgo Rebollo
  • Pilar Madueño Cobo
  • Francesca Martín García
  • Mª Valle Matres Guerrero
  • Armando Montes Lozano
  • Anastasia Muñoz Lastra
  • Isabel Navarro Gutiérrez
  • Joaquín Pavón Pérez
  • Encarnación Reinosa González
  • Zulema Restoy Guindos
  • Genma Rodríguez Melchor
  • Rocío Ruiz Pérez
  • Francisco Javier San-Sabas Guerrero
  • Marina Sánchez Picazo
  • Mónica Triviño Mosquera
  • Mª Carmen Urbano Alonso