Opening event and "Marisa Arnedo" keynote lecture, by Dr. Ruth de Diego

Sun, 09/17/2023 - 12:13
Picture of Dr de Diego
Picture of Dr de Diego

Venue: CIMCYC conference room


  • 16.00 (Farewell and welcome event for former and new students)
  • 17.30 (Keynote lecture)

Love at first sound: the tight relationship between auditory attention and language learning

Dr. Ruth de Diego-Balaguer

ICREA, Universitat de Barcelona

Attention and Language are usually considered independent cognitive functions. However, the accumulated evidence from several lines of research are progressively pointing to the tight relationship between these two functions. In this talk I will present work disentangling how stimulus-driven attention and endogenous attention influence the acquisition of words and grammatical relations in language. I will present developmental data and data from adults learning a new language to tease apart the different mechanisms that are involved and the intertwined brain networks that sustain this tight relationship. The implications for pathologies affecting those networks and for education will be discussed.