Admission criteria

In order to access to the formal education of the Master, it will be necessary to possess an official university degree.

The following degrees and levels of priority have been chosen for access to the Official Master’s Degree in Investigation and Progress in Microbiology:

  • High priority:
    • Degree in Biology
    • Degree in Biochemistry
    • Degree in Biotechnology
    • Degree in Chemistry
    • Degree in Dentistry
    • Degree in Environmental Sciences
    • Degree in Food Science and Technology
    • Degree in Medicine
    • Degree in Pharmacy
    • Degree in Physics
    • Degree in Veterinary Medicine
  • Low priority:
    • Degree in Agricultural Engineering
    • Degree in Agricultural and Livestock Engineering
    • Degree in Agro-Environmental Engineering
    • Degree in Food-production Engineering
    • Degree in Nutritional Engineering
  • Medium priority:
    • Degree in Civil Engineering
    • Degree in Public Works Projects
    • Civil Engineer (Roads, Canals and Ports)
    • Degree in Chemical Engineering
    • Degree in Nursing
    • Degree in Marine Sciences
    • Degree in Human Nutrition

The following criteria will be taken into account in order to evaluate the records of those students applying for the Degree:

  • Academic records: up to 60%

  • Research grants (beginning, collaboration, etc.), preferably projects in the field of Microbiology associated with a research group from the Master’s Degree: up to 20%

  • Attendance to scientific meetings with presentation of communications or participation in national or international publications mainly in the field of Microbiology: up to 5%

  • Other merits (courses, work experience, etc.): up to 5%

  • Accredited knowledge of Spanish (minimum B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for students coming from non-Spanish speaking countries): up to 5%

  • Certification of the basic knowledge of the English language (native or B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference): up to 5%

All this merits must get accredited at the moment of carrying out the pre-registration.