Master's Dissertation

The End of Master's Work (Master Thesis) may be carried out on the proposal of the Academic Committee of the Master or on the proposal of the students, after approval by the said Commission, of a project report, which must have the approval of at least two professors of the Master.

The Final Master's Work will be based on an individual and original work that demonstrates the knowledge of the concepts and acquired skills. During its development, attendance (common to all students) will be given to seminars and workshops, organized according to the companies that support this master's degree.

On an exceptional basis, depending on the availability of professors with an accredited research trajectory, it may also consist of research work related to one of the lines of research associated with MARA teaching staff.

At the disposal of those who wish to consult, the guidelines of the University of Granada (PDF) for the development of the subject End of Master 's Work in their master's degrees.

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