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5. How much do the tuition fees cost (if I participate as a self-financed student)?

If you decide to participate in GEMMA without the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, the tuition fees are currently 2,100 € for European students and 5,500 € for Third Country students, per academic year.

The fees can be paid in two installments, but always before the 31st of December of each academic year.

The real participation costs for an academic year amount to 4500 € for Programme Country students and 9000 € for Partner Country students. However, the GEMMA Consortium offers a fee waiver to self-financed students of 2400 € and 3500 €, respectively. Therefore, the final tuition fees for self-financed students are the result of the difference between the real participation costs and the contribution of the Consortium.

NOTICE: In case you received external funding from non-GEMMA sources (for instance, Spanish Ministry scholarship or any other), you will be compelled to pay the difference between the amount received and the above-mentioned participation costs.

For further information, please visit the section 'Scholarships > Other Scholarships'.

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