Master's Thesis

Students of the Master's Degree in Biotechnology at the University of Granada carry out a research project in one of the research groups participating in the Master's program. Each student has a tutor and a research line where they will be trained in research tasks. The groups participating in the Master's in Biotechnology and the research lines offered can be consulted in the list of thesis supervisors (doc). Students should be aware of the guidelines for choosing thesis supervisors for the Master's in Biotechnology.

After completing the research project, the student must submit the corresponding scientific report and annexes (annex II (doc) and annex III (doc)) according to the regulations for the presentation and defense of the thesis. If the results are susceptible to be patented, a confidentiality request must also be submitted.

The defense of the thesis will be public. The composition of the evaluation committees will be published on this page and through PRADO.