Career opportunities


The Master's degree in Biotechnology at the University of Granada trains its students for research tasks in Biotechnology. Most of our students continue their postgraduate studies within the Doctorate Program in Biotechnology to acquire a high-level academic education and become independent in the design and performance of experiments. Upon completion of the Master's degree in Biotechnology, our students are qualified to work in a Biotechnology research laboratory, either in Public Research Organizations (public universities, the Spanish National Research Council, etc.) or private companies with R&D departments.

Biotechnology companies

A list of Biotechnology companies is available to students. The Master's degree does not include company internships as part of the curriculum, but students should be aware of the offers from companies through the ICARO platform in order to be able to carry out extracurricular internships.

The Entrepreneurial Route

The "Entrepreneurial Route" project is aimed at students from the different Master's programs offered by the University of Granada, with the aim of promoting an entrepreneurial culture in the university environment.

The Entrepreneurial Route consists of three phases that gradually increase the dedication time:

  1. Visit to the BIC and business incubator at the Health Sciences Technology Park (one morning). Students will be shown "in situ" how to create a company and will receive a small talk by an entrepreneur who will tell them about their personal experience. They will also be taken to visit companies related to their area of interest so they can learn about other classmates' companies.
  2. Entrepreneurial workshops (two days). For those who have shown interest in the first phase, specific workshops aimed at motivating and recruiting entrepreneurs will be held.
  3. Training course (five days). For those who want more complete training, an advanced course on company creation will be offered (how to develop a business plan, practical cases, simulations, etc.)

For more information, please contact the Research Transfer Office.