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Neuroscience is the discipline that studies the development, structure, function and pathology of the nervous system. Currently, Neuroscience is one of the fastest developing areas and facing extraordinary challenges in the field of biomedical research. Within the different areas of neuroscience, the study of pain is particularly important, both for its social impact such as health. Thus, the pain is the leading cause of medical consultation. The Spanish Society of Pain estimated that 20% of the population experiences chronic pain, which corresponds to approximately 10 million spaniards. The magnitude of the problem reaches such proportion that the EU intends, in the short term, consider chronic pain as a disease and not a symptom as it is the case today.

The official master's degree in Neurosciences and Pain aims the scientific training of students in the area of Neuroscience in general and the Pain in particular. The orientation of the master's degree in Neurosciences and Pain is primarily scientific, and intended training updated on the main aspects of Neuroscience and Pain. However, it also covers the professional and academic fields. In the professional field it should be noted that approximately 50% of our students are professionals related to the treatment of pain in humans. In the academic field, teachers and departments involved in the master's degree in Neuroscience and Pain allow carrying out doctoral thesis and the degree of doctor of pupils obtaining.

The Master in Neurosciences and Pain has been teaching at the University of Granada since the academic year 2006-07. This title comes from the doctoral program in Neurosciences and is recognized by the Ministry of Education with the mention of quality for doctoral courses (MCD 2008-00040). Master in Neurosciences and Pain is valued as a merit for the careers of professionals in the clinical welfare in Andalusia in different areas.

To obtain the master's degree in Neurosciences and Pain the students must complete 60 ECTS credits.

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