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The official master's degree in Neurosciences and Pain offers 99 ECTS credits, 60 dedicated to theoretical subjects, 27 to practices and 12 to the end of master work.

From theoretical subjects, the first group concern basic and methodological Neuroscience and is designed for training in research (constitute the Neurosciences and Methodological modules). A second group of subjects are related to the study of behaviour, aimed at training in research and deepening of knowledge in Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology (constitute the Behavioural Neurosciences module). A third group of subjects are related to the study of pain, directed to training in research on pain and the training in this area of health professionals (constitute the module of Pain).

From the theoretical courses that are offered, only the titled “Introduction to the Neurosciences” (9 ECTS credits) is mandatory. The rest is optional to allow the students can complete the necessary funds for the degree of Master according to their educational interests.

In relation with practices (Practices module), three are offered: one carried out in research laboratories, one in a Unit of Pain and the third in a Unit of Mental Health in Neuropsychiatry. It is one of the offered practices mandatory.

It is mandatory to perform an End Master Work (12 ECTS credits).

To obtain the title of official master's degree in Neurosciences and Pain, the students must complete 60 ECTS credits.

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