Frequently Asked Questions

When is the pre-registration to the Master requested?

The administrative information related to the application can be consulted at:

In which link can I request pre-registration to the Master?

In the following link, which is available only during the application deadlines:

What do the Master's itineraries refer to?

Students should choose to perform a research itinerary in laboratories or a neuropsychology itinerary , in which the internships are carried out in external clinical centers. This preference must be indicated during the pre-registration to the Master.

How many students are allowed in each course?

45, of which up to a maximum of 20 can opt for the Neuropsychology itinerary.

How many pre-registration phases exist?

The pre-registration phases and calendar can be consulted here:

How are the number of places distributed in the different phases of the application for admission?

In the 1st phase some places are granted to foreign students. The vast majority of places are assigned in the June-July call (2nd Phase), regardless of the student's nationality.

What are the assessment criteria to enter the master?

40% File

20% CV (titles, scholarships, practicum, courses and other merits)

20% Affinity of previous training (degrees and merits related to the Master's own content)

10% Knowledge of the English language (accredited by an official degree)

10% Professional goals (order of preference in which the Master is chosen, motivation letter, letter of recommendation ...)

Is it a face-to-face master?

Yes, it is required to attend a minimum of 80% of the sessions of the different subjects. The master's degree is very demanding, so studying it full time is not compatible with the performance of other additional work.

Can you take the master part time?

Yes, provided that what is established by the regulations of the UGR Graduate School is fulfilled: 1. Those who enroll between 24 and 41 credits, both inclusive, will be considered part-time students. 2. New students who intend to pursue part-time studies must initially formalize their enrollment with 60 ECTS and subsequently request this modality within the deadline set for said application, and must provide documentary proof of the reasons that prevent them from completing full-time studies. . The resolution of the applications will be resolved by the competent body of the International Postgraduate School within 30 calendar days from the end of the official registration period. 3. Once the application for part-time studies has been resolved, if this is favorable, the interested party will be informed, indicating in the resolution the time available to make the alteration of his registration to adjust it to the credits set for this type of registration .

When does the master's degree start and end?

The calendar of the different masters is established by the International Postgraduate School

Teaching is distributed in two periods, the first of October at the end of November, and the second of January at the end of February. Practices usually start in the second week of March and end in late June. The defenses of the Master thesis usually take place in the first weeks of July and September, within the respective calls.

Is it a master only for psychologists?

If you opt for the Neuropsychology itinerary, it is necessary to have previous training (Bachelor or Degree) in Psychology. If the research modality is chosen, having the Bachelor's Degree or the Psychology Degree places it in high preference. Bachelor's degrees or similar degrees are valued with medium preference, and the rest of the titles are low preference.

What is the price of the master?

It can vary from one course to another, although the average price is of 821 Euros per 60 ECTS. All updated information:

Does the master offer scholarships to national and / or foreign students?

The master as such does not offer scholarships. There are, however, other sources of funding:

Does obtaining the master's degree allow access to doctoral studies?

Yes, both in the Research itinerary and in the Neuropsychology itinerary. The majority of the teachers of the master's degree are also professors of the Official Doctoral Program in Psychology:

Do the master's studies give access to an academic research itinerary?

Yes, the Master also makes it possible to follow an academic career by obtaining scholarships for University Teacher Training (FPU), Research Staff Training (FPI) or other research contracts.

Is it offered in English?

All courses associated with the Double Degree agreement with Padova University have a dedicated group taught fully in English. Lecturers speak English fluently and the work material of the subjects is written in English. Foreign students can prepare their exhibitions and activities in English, if they wish. For the remaining students, classes are taught in Spanish but all the materials are in English. Students can choose whether to use either Spanish or English.

What level of English is needed to take the master?

For students opting for the Double Degree with Padova University, a B2 in English is a minimum requirement. For the remaining students, having an official English degree is not an indispensable requirement, but a good knowledge of this language is highly recommended, since almost all of the bibliography used is written in English. Official English degrees are a merit of the criteria for assessing admission to the master.

Is it a professional master's degree to perform Neuropsychology?

No. Currently, to practice as a neuropsychologist in the private or concerted clinic, it is necessary to take the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, or the PIR if this profession is going to be practiced in public health. The itinerary in Neuropsychology allows students to begin in theoretical training and in the practice of this activity, both in the adult population and in children. The hours of theoretical and practical training offered by the master can be computed to obtain the national accreditation of an Expert Psychologist in Clinical Neuropsychology (

How to access the Neuropsychology itinerary?

It is required to be in possession of the title of Psychologist. Once this requirement has been fulfilled, the same assessment criteria that give access to the master to the rest of the students will be applied.

How are the practice centers assigned among the students?

The assignments are ordered according to the merits of the students, with the academic record weighing 70% and the merits related to the contents of the Master's practices 30%.

Is self-management of a practice center accepted?

Yes, as long as the center is of quality, it has the characteristics that are required to be part of the master's degree and is approved by the Academic Committee before the beginning of the internship period.

** Does the master provide financial support for those who carry out their practices in centers outside Granada?

Yes, the master usually finances part of the expenses of that stay.