In the second semester, students must take 15 ECTS of research (or internships in external centres, in the itinerary in Neuropsychology), which will make up the content of the Master's Thesis (TFM, 12 ECTS).

The specific content of the research internship (and TFM) will depend on the student's interests. After attending the presentations of the different lines available, students will arrange interviews with the lecturers responsible for areas of interest to them. The Master's Academic Committee, after receiving suggestions for agreements between lecturers and students, will assign each student an internship and TFM tutor.

Most of the Master's teaching staff offer research lines, which may vary from year to year. These are available in the Master's Guide (which is updated every academic year) and in the Academic Guides of the Research Internships and Master's Thesis subjects. In addition to the Master's teaching staff, other researchers who meet the requirements established by the International Graduate School of the UGR offer additional lines of research, which can also be consulted in the means mentioned in the previous paragraph.