Academic Information

The master is organized in different modules covering basic and applied aspects of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. to obtain the Master Degree, the student has to take 60 ECTS credits, containing different courses, research and applied work. The master program provides the student with knowledge and skills in theory and methods in Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience, in basic researcn and also applied contexts. The contents of the master are distributed in four different modules:

  • Methods
  • Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Seminars and applications
  • Laboratory research or Neuropsychology external centers

The master is structured in two main parts. The first period (October-February) provides the student with the theoretical and methodological foundations they will need in the second period. Here, the student will take courses containing at least 32 ECTS (8 courses). All courses are optional, although the degree requires taking a certain proportion of courses in each module.

The second period (March-September) is devoted to the acquisition of research and/or applied work skills. Students should take 15 ECTS of practical training on research or external neuropsychology centers. In both cases, the students should choose one of the research lines or practical work offered in the master.

The research project will entail performing one or several experiments and reporting them in a final research report.

The applied work will be carried out in associated neuropsychology centers. The contents of this practical work are aimed at the acquisition of neuropsychological evaluation and rehabilitation techniques, and at the acquisition of research skills in applied contexts.

Basic formation 20 ECTS in content courses
Compulsory 8 ECTS from the Methods module, 20 ECTS from the Neuroscience module and 28 ECTS from the final degree in basic research or applied field
Compulsory 5 ECTS in Current Perspectives in Psychology and Neuroscience
Applied work/basic research The student should choose between the two (15 ECTS). This work is later used to compose the final report in either basic research or applied fields
Final Master's Thesis 12 ECTS