Academic Information

The Master's program is configured with an offer of 87 ECTS credits (1 ECTS credit corresponds to 25 hours, which will include lectures, seminars, laboratory practice and personal work), divided into 21 3-ECTS-credit courses and 6 2-ECTS-credit courses grouped into 5 modules, plus a compulsory 12-ECTS-credit Master's thesis also known as Trabajo Fin de Master (TFM) in Spanish. The 2-ECTS-credit courses are taught by teachers from outside the University of Granada. Each module includes at least one of these courses.

Master's degree in Computer & Network Engineering: 60 ECTS credits
Master's thesis (TFM): 12 ECTS credits (compulsory) One of the following research topics must be chosen
Courses: 48 ECTS credits - Courses from the Master's degree in Computer & Network Engineering: 30 ECTS credits
- Courses from this or other official Master's programs (preferably those taught at the ETSIIT): 18 ECTS credits