The Official Master's Degree in Computer & Network Engineering covers the content needed to provide postgraduate training for students with a computer science degree or electrical engineers in aspects related to:

  • Design and configuration, implementation, and evaluation of computer platforms and networks to provide the performance levels and meet the requirements of the applications in terms of cost, speed, reliability, availability and security.
  • Advanced tools needed to develop the activities of a computer & network engineer: tools for the description, analysis, simulation, design and implementation of computer platforms, control and communication.
  • The techniques and methodologies to tackle problems from new perspectives that appear in certain applications of interest, thanks to the availability of computing platforms and communication standards with ever higher performance.
  • Specific applications in areas of biomedicine and bioinformatics, optimization and forecasting, advanced control, and bio-inspired robotics, both from the point of view of the requirements for the effective implementation of algorithms and computational techniques used to address them, as from the desirable requirements of the computing architectures where they run.


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