The master’s degree can be achieved in an academic year at least. During that year the student must attend the mandatory course Research Methodology (2 ETCS credits), plus elective courses (36 ECTS credits), plus the master’s degree final work (master's thesis) (22 credits), for a total of 60 credits. Here you have access to detailed information on the offered courses and the Master's Thesis:


Here is a table with a complete list of courses (organized by modules) together with the number of ECTS credits and the responsible teacher. Clicking on the title of each course you can access to a webpage that contains specific and detailed information on this course (objectives, agenda, evaluation, etc.), as well as its learning guide.

Acronym Course ECTS Responsible Lecturer
Module 0: Introduction
MI Research Methodology 2 J.C. Torres
Module 1:
Advanced Software Engineering
IUEI Usability Engineering and Computer Ethics 4 F.Gutiérrez
MHDES Methodologies and tools for the evolutionary development of software 4 P. Paderewski
SCPN Collaborative Systems and Business Processes 4 Manuel Noguera
Módule 2:
Engineering for the Web
IW Web Engineering 4 F. Gutiérrez
SH Hipermedia Systems 4 N.Medina
TABD Advanced Topics in Databases 3 C.Delgado
Module 3:
3D Digitization and Virtual Reality
D3D 3D Digitization 3 J.C.Torres
RV Virtual Reality 3 G.Arroyo
PGAP High Performance Graphics Programming 3 J.M. Mantas
Module 4:
RIG Realism and Global Illumination 3 C.Ureña
VEA Expressive Rendering and Animation 3 D.Martín
Module 5:
FGGC Fundamental of Geometry annd Computational Geometry 3 J.C.Torres
TAMS Advances Techniques for Solid Modeling 3 P. Cano
MVV Volume modelling and visualization 3 A.León
Module 6:
Software Engineering for Distributed, Embedded and Real Time Systems
DSSE Software Development for Embedded Systems 3 J.A.Holgado
TAMSCT Advanced Techniques of Modeling for Control and Telecommunication Systems 2 J.A.Holgado
TOADADTR Object Technology applied to the development of the distributed and real time systems 3 M.I.Capel
Module 7
Speech Processing, Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
PHCCA Speech Processing in Automated Call-Centres 2 R.López-Cózar
IMEIA Multimodal Interaction in Ambient Intelligence Environments 2 R.López-Cózar
CU Ubiquitous Computing 4 José Luis Garrido
Module 8:
Integration of Information
ADSO Data Warehouses and OLAP Systems 3 J.Samos
WS Semantic Web 2 J.Samos

Master´s Thesis

Students must successfully complete 22 credits involving a Master’s thesis to achieve the degree. In this page you can find detailed information about Master’s thesis:

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