Master's Degree

The Master in Research, Development, Control and Innovation Drugs offered by the University of Granada has a clear academic, scientific and vocational guidance, being aimed at graduates who wish an applied excellent training and allowing access to the doctoral programs in Chemistry, Biomedicine, Clinical Medicine and Public Health or Biology.

The contents, both theoretical and experimental, collected in this program guarantees quality training in research and development of innovative medicines, with different research lines offered, what facilitates future research on the labor market in the pharmaceutical industry.

The professional and social interests of the Master covers important sectors such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, biomedical and medical research in hospitals and health centers, but also in other areas of interest as clinical analysis, quality control and pharmacological tests.

The Master consists of a total of 60 ECTS with an academic, professional and scientific approach. Broadly speaking, the ECTS distribution is as follows: 24 for different theoretic and practical subjects, 12 for supervised practices and 24 for a final research project.

The Master is yearly based and the number of places ranges from 10 to 40 students, with a classroom-lab based instruction model.

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