CONFERENCIA: Rethinking the seismic safety of RC buildings

CONFERENCIA: Rethinking the seismic safety of RC buildings


Resumen. In the past, earthquake effects were analysed in terms of their immediate impacts: casualties and damages. Nowadays, the shift to a more holistic view of earthquake effects on society was caused by a series of key events and led to the development of performance-based seismic design principles which require advanced methods of analysis. Several recent earthquakes have been a tough reality check for the international community of seismic engineering, highlighting the severe mismatch between societal expectations and the reality of seismic performance of modern buildings, highlighting the need for a paradigm shift: redefining the concept of earthquake safety is paramount given the social and economic requirements of modern societies. The presentation will address aspects that led to modern seismic design procedures in order to understand the need to rethink the seismic safety of buildings. Concepts behind the practical approach that could be developed to achieve this objective are discussed.

  • CONFERENCIANTE: Dr. Xavier Romao

CONSTRUCT-LESE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal