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9. How do I submit my application?

Applications for participation in the 9th edition of GEMMA (2015-2017), in both calls for applications (with scholarships and without scholarships), should be submitted online through the GEMMA website. You will need to submit a single application, which will be managed by the GEMMA Consortium.

Please note that it is not necessary that you request a placement at the universities of your choice separately.

The application form, which will become available when the application period is open, should be filled out and submitted online. All other required documents (originals or official and certified copies) should be scanned and attached to it according to the instructions. The required documents in the indicated order are:

  • 1. Current resume or CV
  • 2. Bachelor´s Degree (Diploma)
  • 3. Official academic records (transcript)
  • 4. Average grade certificate
  • 5. Language certificate for chosen Home University
  • 6. Language certificate for chosen Mobility University
  • 7. Copy of passport
  • 8. Motivation letter
  • 9. Recommendation letters (*An automated email will be sent to the two professionals you indicate as authors of your recommendation letters, with a link enabling them to attach the letters to your application.)
  • 10. Other documents (courses, seminars etc., not compulsory but recommended)
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