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7. Do I have to provide proof of knowledge of all Consortium languages (English, Spanish, Italian)?

The required languages will vary depending on the mobility route that you wish to complete. In the selection process you are encouraged to indicate your preference for 2 out of 7 GEMMA universities where you want to study: one will be your Home University (where you will spend the 1st year of your study) and the other will be your Mobility University (where you will spend the 2nd year). GEMMA partner universities differ in the language of instruction and that is why you need to take the language criteria into consideration when applying.

The languages of instruction used in the universities that form the GEMMA Consortium are:

  • Granada – Spanish in the first year (Home) and English and Spanish in the second year (Mobility)
  • Oviedo - Spanish in the first year (Home) and English in the second year (Mobility)
  • Bologna – Italian and English;
  • CEU, York, Utrecht and Lodz - English.
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