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15. Should I legalize my BA diploma?

The rules for recognition of BA diplomas can vary between the universities that form the GEMMA Consortium, therefore we recommend that you visit the “admissions” sections of the universities that you wish to include in your mobility route. In order to enrol at the University of Granada, for example, students need to provide The Hague Apostille or an official legalization for all diplomas that were issued in countries from outside of the European Higher Education Area. If the diploma was issued in a country belonging to the EHEA, only an official translation will be necessary (unless the diploma was issued in English, French, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish). If you need more information about the validation and/or international recognition of degrees and certificates, please visit the website of the School for Postgraduate Studies of the University of Granada and specifically the section “How to enrol at the University of Granada: Master's Degree”.

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