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In memory of our student Clara Tovar

The GEMMA Consortium and the Oviedo GEMMA community are extremely sad to communicate the untimely death of Clara Tovar Casado, who was a GEMMA student in Oviedo last year. Clara would have been in her mobility university this year but had unexpected health problems which forced her to ask for deferral, as she needed a major operation and medical treatment. The news came as a shock, as she had very recently seemed optimistic and had been recovering, and had contacted us to continue with her studies. We are told that Clara's last moments were peaceful, in her native Madrid. Clara represented the best GEMMA spirit. It was a pleasure to share any course with her, as she always contributed constructively and with the enthusiasm of the committed activist and passionate feminist that she was. She continued to participate in feminist dialogue and thought despite her need for care, and wrote about the feminist strike of the past March 8th, anticipating its (huge) success and hoping for effective change:

Clara was a truly memorable participant and was loved by staff and students in Oviedo, deservedly so. We will miss her sorely, because she had so much to offer to feminism and to a better world and because we have lost an exceptionally generous, committed and warm person, who deserved to enjoy a long and happy life.

Thank you, Clara, and all our love.

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