Master's Degree

The Master in Economics (UGR-ME) is a bilingual Program (English and Spanish). Most courses are taught in English even though some Professors may use Spanish in part or all over his/her course. English language fluency is required with a level of at least a First Certificate in English (FCE), TOEFL iBT (82), PBT (575) or IELTS (6). The University of Granada is not requiring those tests for application to the ME Program; however it is highly recommended that the students take it prior to applying in order to ensure a full understanding and comprehension of the Master Program. A basic knowledge of Spanish language is also recommended (DELE B1).

The Master in Economics (UGR-ME) offers very high quality graduate education under the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) standards on the basis of the evolution of the Departments of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Business Management at the University of Granada as one of the European leading centers for research and teaching in Economics and Business Management. Faculty teaching in ME now includes members of leading scientific associations and many serve on the editorial boards of leading scientific journals. Also most of our faculty lead competitive Research Projects from public and private leading institutions (Spanish Ministry of Education, European Research projects, etc.)

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