Why in Granada?

This master is valid throughout the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and gives direct access 1) to the newly created PhD in Information Technology and Communications for the presentation of a doctoral thesis at the University of Granada. The program received the Award for Quality by the Spanish Ministry (MCD2004-00438, BOE 5/7/2004). Since then, the program has attended all the official calls, and has kept the Quality Label continuously. In June 2010, the program received positive verification, by the Monitoring Council for Official Curriculums, to become the title of Official Master's Degree in Computer & Network Engineering at the University of Granada.

The Master’s teaching staff is composed mostly by professors of the department of Computer Architecture and Computer Technology and the research group CASIP (TIC-117). The scientific and academic quality of master teachers is reflected, among other things, on productivity in doctoral theses, with a considerable level of publications in international journals and conferences with relevant scientific and technological contributions (http://atc.ugr.es/atc.php?menu=casip). It is also worth mentioning the innovation possibilities typical of Computer & Network Engineering. In particular, some newly technology-based companies have been created by professors of the Master (http://atc.ugr.es/atc.php?menu=transferencia) in which some former students of the Master (or PhD program to which the Master gives access) have taken part. As for technology transfer, the CASIP group won the prize given from the UGR Social Council to the research group that has distinguished itself especially in recruiting research and activities with companies and institutions.

Foreign students will have access to the entire infrastructure for students of the University: libraries, dining halls, assistance in finding accommodation, etc. More specifically they will be provided with an account with which to access the large amount of research journals in electronic form subscribed by the University (among which are all from the IEEE, ACM, Elsevier and Springer).

Granada is one of the most fascinating cities in the world (and actually one of the cheapest cities in Spain). The University of Granada has a high international prestige (it is the european city with more Erasmus students). More information in the International Student Guide

1) provided the student has passed 300 ECTS, of which at least 60 must be of postgraduate
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