The Master in Computer & Network Engineering is taught in the School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (see location) from the 2006/2007 academic year. All available ETSIIT resources can be used by the Master’s students. Classrooms are equipped with projection devices and Internet access. There are also available two specific labs for graduate students, D1 and D2, with 18 and 26 seats respectively, with their respective PCs and Internet access. There is also a free-access 42-seat lab, also with Internet connection. The configuration of the rest of the ETSIIT labs can be found in this link. In some of the courses students will have access to clusters of computers available in the Department of Computer Architecture and Computer Technology as well as to some special labs with specific material used by research groups.

The ETSIIT is provided with a library (230 posts, 22 computers, printers, photocopy and scanner) in which you can access the papers used in the different subjects as well as the full range of electronic books and journals available for the university community.

In sum, facilities provided by the ETSIIT have proved to be suitable for the teaching of the Master’s Program in Computer & Network Engineering.

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