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17. Are all mobility combinations available?

In the selection process you are encouraged to indicate your preference for 2 universities where you want to study: Home University and Mobility University. Students can start at any of the European consortium institutions and all mobility paths are available providing they involve institutions from two different European countries (thus excluding Granada-Oviedo/Oviedo-Granada), which makes a total of 54 different mobility paths.

IMPORTANT: Applicants who have obtained their last university degree in the same country in which they wish to complete a part of the programme (either as Home or as Mobility), are not eligible for the Erasmus+ scholarship, but may apply as self-financed students.

Please note that the Selection Committee will make every effort to respect the candidates´ preferences as much as possible. However, due to the high number of applications to our programme, there exists a possibility that you will be offered a different mobility route than the one you originally requested.

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