Master's Degree

The Master's Degree in Computer & Network Engineering arises from the process of adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (RD 56/2005) of the doctoral program in Computer Engineering: Perspectives and Applications awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education with codes MCD2004-00438 y MCD2007-00214. This doctoral program has been run continuously since 1999 by members of the Department of Computer Architecture and Computer Technology at the University of Granada, all of them belonging to the CASIP research group (Circuits and Systems for Information Processing), recognized as a group of excellence by the Junta de Andalucía with code TIC-117.

The Master's Program aims for students to acquire advanced training in research work, development and innovation in the different fields of engineering, computers and networks which are currently being developed in the Department of Computer Architecture and Computer Technology of the University of Granada.

The Master is especially suited for students with a computer science degree or a electrical engineering degree.

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