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Other scholarships

Please note that it is each candidate´s individual responsibility to apply for the scholarships detailed below. Read the following links carefully, as requirements for each scholarship vary. Also, please bear in mind that the information provided in this page does not seek to be fully comprehensive so we strongly advise to look for further funding options elsewhere if needed or if you are not eligible for the funding opportunities including here.

Those students who fulfill the requirements may apply for the ERASMUS+ scholarship for their required GEMMA mobility period, no matter what their Home University. (Please, consult your Home and Mobility Universities for more specific information).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In case you received external funding from non-GEMMA sources (for instance, Spanish Ministry scholarship or any other), you will be compelled to pay the difference between the amount received and the above-mentioned participation costs. Given that some scholarships' amount, such as the Spanish Ministry grant, corresponds to the price of 60 ECTS per academic year, the amount to be paid may vary every year, depending on the price of the credit.

* MOB Scholarships - México

Specific grants for each university of the Consortium

University of GRANADA:
University of OVIEDO:
University of UTRECHT:
Central European University (CEU), Budapest:
University of LODZ:
University of YORK:
University of BOLONIA:
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