Double Master UGR-SRH Berlin and SRH Berlin - UGR

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A Double Master (Double Degree) in Economics and International Management (2MEIM) UGR (Spain) - SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany) is offered only to 10 students (5 from UGR and 5 from SRH) under a highly competitive basis.

The double degree programme in Economics and International Management (2MEIM) will be offered as a full time study programme of 120 ECTS credits. The nominal length of study is 2 years [or 4 semesters].


This programme provides students with advanced professional training in analytical and research skills to achieve excellence in Economics, and International Management. 2MEIM includes as main contents, Economics, innovation management to incorporate technological foresight, commercialization and the protection of intellectual property in decision-making processes. Estimating and evaluating corporate risk, risk management in value creation and finance, and continental-European law and company law are as well integral parts of the 2MEIM degree.

The language of the double degree programme is English at both institutions. The courses and seminars will be carried out in English, which does not exclude the possibility of having some seminars in Spanish at UGR and German at SRH in order to foster the learning of these languages for the students under a non-compulsory policy. Examinations will be conducted in English. The degree’s dissertation must be submitted in English. To the extent that it is possible, the cooperating universities will give the double degree programme students the opportunity to attend introductory courses in the national language and culture.

Student mobility is an essential and integrated part of the Programme. Students from UGR are expected to study 2 semesters at SRH Berlin ; SRH students are expected to study 2 trimesters at UGR. The maximum amount of ECTS credits which may be obtained at one cooperating university as part of the pogramme is 60 credits at SRH and 60 credits at UGR.


Upon successful completion of the agreed two-year postgraduate programme of studies, as well as acquisition of 120 credits, participating students are entitled to receive their home institution’s degree and thereafter the host institution’s degree as follows: SRH University of Applied Sciences: Masters of Arts in International Management; UGR: Máster Universitario en Economía (Master in Economics)

Provided that the students have successfully fulfilled the programme's requirements, each institution or relevant authority will issue not only the diplomas as described above, but also a European Diploma Supplement certifying the degree and the results obtained, in compliance with that institution's regulations. The diplomas will include an official transcript of records from both cooperating universities.

The content and the layout of the diplomas and the Diploma Supplements should respect EU, national, regional and institutional regulations of both cooperating universities.


All students admitted to the double degree programme will be subject to fees as follows: a. Students will pay tuition fees only in their home university.

Students will be responsible for financing and organising:

a. Travel to and from the institutions they are attending during the length of the programme. b. Books, stationery, etc. c. Visas, etc. d. Accommodation and living expenses. e. Student Association/General Services Charges where appropriate. f. Health and travel insurance for the duration of the study period at the host institution. Neither the host nor the home university will not be liable for travel, living, healthcare, insurance or other expenses incurred by the students. g. Payment of the fees legally established for the issuing of the the degree certificate.

Notwithstanding the above, the partner universities will seek to obtain funds to assist in the financing of the mobility periods, especially under the Erasmus programme.



The structure of the double degree programme is as follows:

- (First academic year 2012/13): Selected students will take first, second, and third trimesters on the Máster Universitario en Economía (Master in Economics) at the UGR with a total of 52 credits. This excludes the final dissertation on the home programme, which will not be submitted until the end of the studies at SRH Berlin.

- (Second academic year 2013/14): Selected students will move to Berlinin September to undertake the second year of studies of the International Management Master Degree at SRH Hochschule Berlin.

- September 2014: Selected students will present their final Dissertation for the ME UGR.

- October 2014: Selected students will obtain both Diplomas: ME UGR and Master in International Management SRH Berlin.

First year - October/June (Master in Economics UGR)

Second Year – Subjects to be taken by students coming from UGR to SRH Berlin from September to June:

M3 International Legal Framework for Foreign Trade (6 ECTS) M12 International Protection of Intellectual Property-Course 2 (5 ECTS) M14 Project Development II (5 ECTS) M18 Master Seminar Online (5 ECTS) M7 Contract Knowledge Management (5 ECTS) M8 International Contract & Company Law (5 ECTS) M13 Project Development I (5 ECTS) M20 Master Thesis (20 ECTS) M2 Intercultural Management (5 ECTS) - Workshop (first two weeks of July) M19 Master Internship (5 ECTS) or M9 Negotiation and Conflict Management (6 ECTS)


Students coming from SRH will take the following Itinerary:

1st Semester: SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin Modules taught in semester one:

Module and Designation

B1 Leadership and Global Strategic Management

B2 Risk Management in Value Creation

B3 International Contract and Company Law

B4 Contract Knowledge Management

B5 Project Development I

B6 Case Studies

2nd Semester: Universidad de Granada Modules taught in semester two:

Module and Designation

G1 Operations Management

G2 Quality Management

G3 Flexibility and Strategic Change

G4 Economics of Technological Change

G5 Economic History

G6 Industrial Economics

G7 Economy and Monetary Banking

G8 Public Economics


Master Thesis (Trabajo fin de Master ) to be defended either in June or September

3rd Semester: INSEEC Paris Modules taught in semester three (not signatory to this agreement):

• Conflict Analysis

• Research Methods

• Business Ethics & Sustainable Management

• International Marketing/Purchasing/ Strategic Watch

• International Business Strategy

• International Finance

• Intercultural Management, including French Culture & Business Environment

4th Semester: At institution of student’s choice (institution of primary thesis supervisor). Modules taught in semester four:

• Internship Program/Master Seminar

• Master Thesis

All information regarding the subjects to be taken at UGR is available at

All information regarding the subjects to be taken at SRH is available at