Minicurso: “Smallness” on the real line.


Conferenciante: Grażyna Horbaczewska (Lodz, Polonia)

Lugar: Seminario 1, Instituto de Matemáticas (primera planta)

Fechas y horas: 07/05/2019 al 09/05/2019, de 10 a 12 horas.

Título: “Smallness” on the real line.

Resumen: The main aim of the lectures is to consider analogies between topological and measure spaces using notions of “smallness” in a sense of measure and category.

  1. a notion of sigma ideal, examples of such familes in a context of measure and category;
  2. different meaning of “smallness” on the real line;
  3. Cantor, Baire and Borel theorems, connections between them and examples of their usage for “existence proofs”;
  4. properties of the set of Liouville numbers.